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Showground Roundabout


My name is Richard Austin and I am a Highways Design Technician working in the Norfolk County Council Offices. I have been given a scheme that is located within your area of interest.

 Please see the details below.

 The scheme is to reshape the Southern roundabout at the Longwater interchange and signalise the approaches to the roundabout from the A47 westbound slip road approach and the south bound A1074 Dereham Road approach (please see location plan attached). 

The roundabout redesign works will involve reshaping the existing roundabout to a tear drop style shape. This will also require us to reduce the size of left turn lane island that is located between the A47 off Slip and the C162 Long Lane. We believe that this along with the signals work will hopefully decrease the waiting time for traffic exiting the A47 and therefore reduce the amount of vehicles that queue in this location. 

This scheme is due to start in the new year and last for approximately 5 weeks.  

To complete the works safely, we will utilise a lane closure on the southbound approach on A1074 Dereham Road overpass for the first three weeks of the scheme. We are also liaising with Highways England as it will be necessary to close the A47 Off slip road for one week to facilitate works for the new traffic signals.

Prior to the completion of the works, it will be necessary to close off access to the roundabout to facilitate the resurfacing works required. As this is a busy location it is thought that a night time road closure and diversion route would be the safest way to complete the resurfacing works. This will be carried out over three nights.   

For information purposes I have stated the dates for these closures below. However, these dates may be subject to change.   

•             A1074 Dereham Road overpass, southbound closure date tbc 

•             A47 northbound off slip road closure date tbc

•             The carriageway resurfacing night closures date tbc

We have contacted the Bus services to make them aware of the scheme, and works notification letters have been sent out to the businesses located within this area.

For information purposes I have attached the site location plan and diversion route plans for the scheme.  

Should you require any further information regarding the scheme, please do not hesitate to get in contact.  

I would like to provide you with an update on the traffic management arrangements for the above scheme. Please see below.


I can confirm that we have now made arrangements for the right hand turn ban at the Costessey Park and Ride site to be temporarily suspended. This will allow access on Long Lane to vehicles travelling from the Bawburgh direction. This temporary suspension will be in place for the duration of the construction works.hope that it will help to reduce the inconvenience caused to local residents.

Kind regards,

Richard Austin, EngTech MCIHT

Assistant Highways Design Technician - (Highways Projects Team 1) 


Community Fridge at Queen's Hills Community Centre 

A community fridge is located at the Queen's Hills Community Centre, Poethlyn Drive, Queen’s Hills NR8 5BP. 

Volunteers are regularly in contact with local supermarkets who donate stock in order to reduce food waste.

Please note: Times are subject to change as regular hirers have kindly allowed access to the lobby. Some groups are term-time only. Since it opened in November 2017, the fridge has prevented tonnes of food waste being sent to land fill. Contact lead volunteer Gary Blundell on 01603 741097 if you're able to assist with collections and distribution.      

For more information click below:


Greenhills Woods

The Council manages several areas of woodland which can be accessed from various points in Costessey. Tree inspections take place on a regular basis, but walkers should contact us with any concerns. Our emergency numbers are on our website and a recorded message on our telephone system. In 2016 the Forestry Commission granted us a 5 year licence to fell a hectare of Corsican Pine trees in Greenhills Woods on safety grounds, as they are over 60 years old and beyond their ecological life span. We are exploring ideas to maybe create a new glade with a bench and will contact residents in the close proximity of the woods with our plans. Details will be discussed at Council meetings which the public is always welcome to attend. 


Update 22st Jan: The weather has been too wet for lorries to access the temporary entrance to remove the logs, but hopefully an oppurtunity will be this week. Some felling will be taking place on 23/24 January.        


Queen's Hills Update

Please see our update produced 31 January 2017. Please contact us if you have any further queries.

As at December 2018 the Bus Lane is still closed and we are still lobbying for pedestrian & cycle access from

Poethlyn Drive, Queen’s Hills to Ringland Lane.  



The Town Council agreed to take on management of 189 Footway Lights previously managed by South Norfolk Council. All of the lights have new LED fittings which dim between midnight and 5:30am. A green & white sticker has a number on to report faults.       


Community Car Schemes   


Transport Plus uses volunteer car drivers to help you access essential health, social and wellbeing services. Journeys can be booked with the County Council’s customer service centre on 0344 800 8020. Staff then organise the journey with an available driver or advise about other providers.
A charge is made for each journey to cover the cost of fuel and general wear and tear of the vehicle. This is paid direct to the driver and starts at 45p per mile. Volunteer drivers are always required and charge the customer from their home address. They need to check with their insurance provider that they are covered. 

Costessey Town Council

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