Marriott’s Way Tree Felling and Path Resurfacing Works

Marriott’s Way Tree Felling and Path Resurfacing Works

Marriott's Way Ash Dieback Tree Felling and Path Resurfacing Works,

between Gunton Lane, Costessey and Drayton

Tree felling work will start on 27th September 2021 followed by re-surfacing work, due to finish on 14th December 2021. During the period of tree felling and resurfacing, the route will be closed to all trail users and a diversion put in place. Please note that it will not be possible to join the Marriott's Way from any of the adjoining field access points or public rights of way for the duration of the works.

Tree felling

The tree felling is designed to stop the spread of ash dieback which has unfortunately affected a high number of trees. Their condition now poses a risk to path users and adjacent property - aside from spreading to other trees via spores, ash dieback causes weak and brittle branches which pose a health and safety risk to the public.

Please note that tree felling can make the area look temporarily stark but that it is a necessary procedure to remove the diseased trees. Although there are many ash trees to be felled (approximately 138), an ecologist has made an assessment and we are not planning to carry out any replanting here. This is because there is a rich variety of other tree and shrub species present in this area and rapid natural regeneration will occur – this is seen as the most effective approach on this site due to soil conditions. The result will be long term biodiversity gains by opening up the canopy, encouraging wildflowers to grow and healthy trees to establish naturally. County Ecologists will also be putting up bat and bird boxes after the tree work is completed to mitigate for habitat loss.

The majority of timber is to be removed from site, but a small number of tree stems will remain in place, as an important future dead wood habitat. Branch wood and tops are to be chipped into piles, avoiding areas of important vegetation. This will naturally decompose and enrich the soil.

Resurfacing works

The surface of the route is also in a poor condition in places, particularly in the winter. The public consultations that took place to inform the creation of the ten-year Marriott's Way Improvement and Delivery Plan showed that the state of the path surface was the most significant concern of many path users, and a key reason why more people do not use it as a commuter route all year round. The path along this stretch also needs to be widened and resurfaced to provide long-term sustainable access.

This will be achieved by constructing a stable, level surface, widening the path to three metres using an unsealed and porous Type 1 granite surface.

Surface levels will be raised in areas prone to waterlogging and drainage installed where required to prevent puddling and build-up of mud on the path. Please note, the surface will not be a sealed asphalt surface that was constructed along Hellesdon Station.

The scheme will create an all-year-round, accessible, off road route for walkers (including access-impaired users), horse riders, and cyclists. The height of the tree canopy will be raised to improve the section for horse riders. An example of the waterlogging can be seen below, as well as an example of similar path improvements at Honing:

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