Calling all gardeners

Calling all gardeners

Calling all gardeners (Experienced or not!) -A new Community Gardening Club for Costessey

Also to progress a sensory garden on Fairway, Queen's Hills we need your thoughts and help. Meet us on Friday 1st October at 4pm near the outdoor table tennis table.

Despite its devastation, the Covid pandemic has had two very positive consequences: the re-emergence of community spirit and an appreciation of the value of the great outdoors, and more specifically for many, of one's own garden.

Starting a sociable Gardening Club here in Costessey would appear to be a great opportunity to build on and develop these positives, whilst helping to offset the negatives, such as the feelings of loneliness and a reluctance to re-emerge into society. The idea evolved as a group of Friends of the Tud Valley volunteers worked together planting the Sensory Garden beds by the Costessey Centre, and chats with walkers in the park passing by has confirmed that such a group would be welcomed.

So we are now proposing setting up a Community Gardening Club affiliated to Friends of the Tud Valley and are inviting all local residents, whether they are experienced gardeners or just new to gardening, to initially contact me to register their interest.

There will be two aspects of this club:

  • Firstly, to meet regularly as a social group, sometimes with a speaker, but always with a warm welcome for a chat, refreshments, sharing expertise and tips, swapping plants, and occasionally visiting members' gardens.
  • Secondly, an important function of the group would be an ongoing programme of creating and managing community garden areas throughout Costessey to improve the wellbeing of our residents, particularly the elderly and disabled.

Building on the positive response to the Sensory Garden at the Costessey Centre, we are now planning a larger, fully accessible pollinator-friendly "Well-BEE-ing Garden," also in the park, adjacent to the car park and main path. Funding applications have already been submitted to enable the building of a series of hexagonal interlinking raised beds, representing the honeycomb of the endangered bee populations we are trying to support by creating this garden. But this is intended as a community project and we shall be approaching members of our community, particularly the gardeners, to assist with the actual planting by donating nectar-rich plants from their own gardens. In this way they will be sharing their pollinator- friendly favourites for the benefit of the whole community, many less fortunate and less able to have gardens of their own. This new garden promises to be a beautiful, sensory, peaceful addition to the Longwater Grounds for all to enjoy whilst sitting and appreciating the long views over the park and the River Tud valley itself, whilst also offering a vital nectar source for our much-endangered pollinator species.

If you are interested in joining the proposed new gardening club or would be happy to provide suitable plants for the "Well-BEE-ing Garden", please email or telephone me 01603 742491. Thanks Pauline Williamson

Posted: Thu, 16 Sep 2021 09:07 by Nigel Bailey

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