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A dedicated page includes information in relation to the Local Government Transparency Code 2015

The rate we charge in 21/22 will remain the same at £120.90 per annum for a Band D property.

The Precept is that part of your Council Tax that is paid to Costessey Town Council.

Every year, the Town Council draws up budgets and calculates how much money it needs for the next Financial Year 1st April to 31 March. These are usually finalised at the January Full Council meeting and then submitted to South Norfolk Council who send out the bills to all Costessey dwellings. The tax demand also includes their own charge, plus those from Norfolk County Council and Norfolk Police.

The £120.90 per annum assumes two adults live in a Band D property paying the full charge. Higher and lower bands pay different rates with South Norfolk Council administering discounts, exemptions and benefits.

The rate we charge has not increased since 1st April 2020

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