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Costessey Town Council covers the Civil Parish of Costessey. There are 19 members who are re-elected every 4 years. Costessey has 3 Town Council Wards listed below with a map. Town Councillors represent the whole of Costessey, not just the ward they are elected to.

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    New Costessey Ward - Cllrs Alam, Amis, Bedford, Burrill, G Jones, S Jones, Laidlaw & O'Connor

    Old Costessey Ward -Cllrs Deane, Dole, East, Glover, Hannant & Newby

    Queen's Hills Ward - Cllrs Blundell. Gibbs-Kneller, McCloskey, Sealey & Sizeland

The next "Ordinary" elections are on 4th May 2023. By-elections were held in May 2021 to fill 5 vacancies

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Norfolk County Councillor Sharon Blundell

Costessey Division

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