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The History of the Costessey Knot

a looped rope

In 1734 Sir George Jerningham (5th Baronet of Costessey Hall) married Mary Plowden, niece and heiress of the last Earl of Stafford. Sir George then became a claimant to the the Barony of Stafford and although he did petition King George II to gain the Barony he was unsuccessful, but was able to use the Stafford chevrons in his coat of arms. His wife Lady Mary Mary Jerningham was using the Stafford Knot in her coat of arms.

After the death of Sir George, his son Sir William Jerningham also petitioned the King (George III ), but like his father was unsuccessful.

After the death of Sir William (1809) his son Sir George (7th Baronet & 8th Baron Stafford ) also petitioned the King (George IV) and this time (1824) was successful. The Stafford Knot was then used everywhere around Costessey as a symbol of the next four Lords Stafford living in Costessey for the next 100 years, staying at Costessey Hall.

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