West Costessey Hall at Queens Hills NR8 5BP

Hall Hire Fees

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West Costessey Hall, Poethlyn Drive, Queen’s Hills, Costessey NR8 5BP wch-directions

Dinneen Hall has sprung floor, lecturn, large screen, AV with HDMI/VGA and fully equiped shared kitchen. Denby Meeting Room is carpeted with HDMI 49 inch Screen. The hall has communal lockers, two changing rooms, Air- Con and free Wi-Fi (password CTC-Guest) Tables in three sizes and chairs are included in your hire.

A bar can be provided at no extra charge, just a £95.00 deposit returnable once the licensee gets to £95.00 of sales at your event. For more information call Mike Urry on 07733 328840 or 01603 871694 mike@whitwellstation.com  Under no circumstances is alcohol to be brought onto our premises for either sale or consumption without his consent.

Profits from the bar are shared with 80% going to the Whitwell & Reepham Railway Preservation Society Ltd and 20% to the Town Council.   

Guide to AV equipment AV EQUIPMENT GUIDE

To book call 01603 742958 or info@costesseytc.org

Please note for exclusivity you need to hire both rooms as kitchen is shared.